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YourBrandRx Personal Branding Assessments


Self-Assessments can provide professionals immediate insight into their preferred behavioral style, key motivators and drivers of their performance, and potential blind spots that could potentially hinder their progress. In addition, feedback is essential to understanding how you are perceived by others, which is vital to building your brand, improving leadership influence, and managing your reputation.

You can use our assessments to:

○ Understand your leadership characteristics, via the Professional Brand DNA®
○ To develop valuable skills for new job assignments, through the Core Competencies
○ Identify preferred learning behaviors and styles, with the Professional Brand DNA®
○ To gather feedback on how you are perceived by others, with 360Reach™ Personal Branding Survey
○ To understand your behaviors, motivators, core competencies, and acumen, with Professional Brand DNA®
○ To gain insight into your readiness for a career in pharmaceutical sales, with Pharma Rep DNA®
○ To demonstrate your understanding of sales strategy, with Pharma SkillsRx
○ To gain clarity on your career direction, with the Career Compass

YourBrandRx Personal Branding Professional Development

Professional Development

Each phase of your professional development presents challenges and opportunities for growth. The ability to effectively navigate these phases is essential to your success, and happiness. We are committed to helping our clients gain the strength and confidence to step out and embrace their full potential and to define their life’s purpose.

We can help you make the right career choice and develop a strategic plan to achieve your professional goals.

○ Assess your career fit.
○ Create an Individual Development Plan.
○ Professional Brand DNA™.
○ Articles and blogs.
○ Webinars and workshops.
○ One-on-One coaching sessions.
○ Manage a career crisis.

YourBrandRx Personal Branding Coaching

High Performance Coaching

The expectations are high and the pressure for peak performance is intense for today’s professionals. Organizations want the best and you want to be the best. To achieve this, working with a coach skilled at bring out the best in you is critical. Your natural skills will take you so far, but to reach your full potential is where a coach can play a vital role in your success.

The benefits of coaching are many:

○ To help you set reachable goals.
○ To challenge you to gain more control over your career and its direction.
○ Increase the impact of learning experiences by translating them into action.
○ Accelerate learning and on-boarding to a new role.
○ Develop critical thinking, learning agility and confidence.
○ Support a significant increase in responsibilities.
○ Improve individual or team performance.
○ Develop high-performance teams.
○ Promote transformation, both at an individual and organizational level.


Personal Branding

Personal branding is a revolution in the way you manage your career or business. Your personal brand is what is authentic to you, differentiating from your peers and relevant and compelling to those who are making decisions about you. In a phrase, it’s your unique promise of value.

We offer the best products and services for the professional seeking to build and leverage their personal brand.

○ Resources to quickly identify your skills, strengths, and natural abilities.
○ Personal-Brand-on-Demand™ – A comprehensive, self-directed personal branding program.
○ 360Reach™ Personal Branding Survey – A tool to gather feedback on how you are perceived by others.
○ BrandID – Managing your online identity.
○ Group Programs facilitated by Brent Wells, Certified Personal Branding Strategist.


Pharmaceutical Sales

Seeking a career in pharmaceutical sales? Then, stop reading outdated advice written 5 years ago. Things have changed…a lot. In fact, competing for one of these highly sought after sales careers, you must be prepared for the fight of your life. You’re competing against experienced sales professionals with industry experience and a proven sales record. You can’t show up with a resume and some references and expect to be taken seriously.

You need proven strategies. You need insider details on what really works and I can share with you strategies I know work, because they worked for me personally.

Here are some ways I can help:

○ What is your current potential for landing a pharmaceutical sales job?
○ 5 Things I wish I knew that would have saved me time, money, and energy.
○ How to get your resume into the hands of an actual hiring manager.
○ How to make sure your resume is on the top of the pile.

Most companies now scan your resume when you apply online. If your resume doesn’t have the magical combination of words, then your resume doesn’t even get seen. I will teach you how to increase your resume’s odds of getting seen.

○ 7 Game-Changing strategies to help you Stand Out in the interview process.
○ PharmaFIT®
○ One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Resources, Tools, and Programs for Peak Performance.


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