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Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is a revolution in the way you manage your career or business. Your personal brand is what is authentic to you, differentiating from your peers and relevant and compelling to those who are making decisions about you. In a phrase, it’s your unique promise of value.

Personal Branding is the process of unearthing your unique promise of value and demonstrating that value in everything you do. It’s about consistently being your best self so you achieve your goals while adding tremendous value to your team, organization and company.

Why is it important to build your personal brand?

It is now considered a "must have" skill needed to land the best jobs and get ahead in today's highly competitive job market. A personal brand will help you gain clarity in your career focus and unique strengths, so you can stand out, advance your career, and grow your business.

How can we help you with your branding?

We can offer you everything from expert advice to actually coaching you through the entire personal branding process. We offer the best resources available today for building your brand and your personal professional development. We even have self-directed programs for the busy professional and entrepreneur seeking to develop their brand and transform their business.

How long does it take to build my own brand?

It depends. There are programs that progress at your personal pace. You work on it when you can. Some programs are facilitated and have assignments and exercises that must be complete with a 12-week program. With the personal coaching method, the time spent is a collaboration between you and your coach. There are options for about every situation.

What type of Executive Coaching do you offer?

We help professionals and entrepreneurs discover their unique strengths, natural abilities, success motivators, and core competencies. In addition, we help professionals gather the feedback they need to better understand how they are perceived by others, which is essential to building a personal brand, developing professionally, leading a team, and even growing your own business.

We take this often confusing process and make it easy, efficient, and practical for today's busy professional. They can then use the lessons learned for everything from searching for a job, transitioning a career, developing a professional development plan, or simply better understanding ways to connect and service their customers.

Our tools and resources help you discover and uncover the valuable insights needed to build a successful career.

Landing a Pharmaceutical Sales Position

To land a career in pharmaceutical sales, you must be prepared to compete with top sales professionals who have a proven, well-documented history of success and solid industry experience. We can share proven strategies for maximizing your chance at landing a career in pharmaceutical sales.

Personal Branding for the Realtor

Today's real estate consultant must work hard to stand out from the competition. Silly gimmicks and corny ads, may get some people's attention for a while, but successful Realtors know it takes a well developed personal brand to build one's business on for the long run. We have the strategies and resources to help you set yourself apart.