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Do you know your online identity?

One’s online presence is an essential part of your personal brand. Recruiters, employers, coworkers, potential clients, and friends may head to the internet to find out more about you. What will they find?

With a few clicks of the key board, they can find any number of things about you.

Your goal is to make sure that what they discover is the information that brands you the way you desire to be seen by the Internet. You control your brand, good or bad.

Step One:  Calculate Your Online Identity

Reach, a Leader in Personal Branding, created the Online ID Calculator‚™ it is the first and leading tool that will help you make sense of your Google results and give you advice on how to build a stellar online identity that’s aligned with your real-world personal brand.

It only takes a couple of minutes to get an idea where your brand stands online.

Calculate your online identity now.

Step Two: Own Your Online Reputation

After you determine your online identity status, it’s time to get to work managing it. Depending on your situation and the information uncovered, you may either need to deal with the “digital dirt” negatively impacting your reputation or leveraging the positive for future benefits.

According to, 

“More than 85% of executive recruiters report “Googling” candidates as part of the search process today, and almost half of executive recruiters have eliminated candidates based on what appears (or does not appear) about them online.” specializes in Online Reputation Management.

They have a great service called the, “Mobile Id Toolkit”. By following the guide of a simple online tutorial, you can easily organize and share your entire online identity from your curated Google results,  to your hand-picked online profiles, mobile business card, and more.

Not only does this help monitor your online presence, it helps you to more effectively control what others see online, but directing and focusing them on the information you have selected. Much of this service is FREE. Some parts of the package are for a fee. However, the FREE tools are worth the effort, so Go to and Get your “Mobile Id Toolkit”!

In one scan of your Vizibility QR code, clients, prospects, colleagues, recruiters and anyone else searching for you can see your verified Google results, hand-picked online profiles, business card details and more,all in a branded mobile experience.

Step Three: Monitor Your Online Identity

Your online identity requires attention and monitoring because in the digital world your reputatiion can take some quick twists before you know it.

If you are in business, it can only take one customer voicing their disatisfaction with your service to start a negative campaign online.

It is wise to regularly monitor and check up on your online identity to make sure it is aligned with your personal brand and career goals.

Once you have completed these three steps on calculating your online identity, head on over here to learn how Fix 3 Online Branding Problems.

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