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Personal Branding

We are your personal guide through the Personal Branding process. The following is a sample of the approach to building a personal brand. Based on Brent’s experience in personal branding and training development, he takes a practical, step-by-step approach to personal branding.

And, since every communication vehicle designed (online profiles, portfolio documents, and marketing strategies) starts with a strong foundation of personal branding, you are only committing to Phase One (outlined below). The subsequent phases are customized according to what we learn from our collaboration in Phase One.

Phase One:

Brand DISCOVERY & Strategic Positioning

The foundation to build your personal brand

The work in this phase will focus on the discovery of your unique brand and the development of a strategic value position that we will use to design a powerful and consistent message to use in your communication plan.

The Approach & Tools:

  • 360°Reach Assessment & Interpretation Analysis of the Results (Brand Baseline)
  • 360Reach Assessment Report – 24-page summary report with detailed, interactive analysis, exercises, Brand Personas, Leadership Competencies, etc.
  • TTI Talent Insights™ Assessment & Interpretation Analysis Debrief of the Results – includes a customized, highly validated 50-page report. The report contains: your behavior style, communication style, value to an organization, strengths, potential pitfalls,  and primary motivators.
  • Four- 60 minute branding and career planning consults with Brent Wells
  • Portfolio Review – a review of all of your current cover letter, resume, bio, bragbook, online profiles, etc.
  • Development of your Brand Statement and Branded Bio, which will be used for a number of components of your brand identity (Online Profiles, About Me pages, and Career Portfolio documents).
  • Consulting on best strategic Next Steps for building and managing your brand identity.
  • BONUS: Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand by William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson (Wiley, June 2007) and One Year of Membership in the Reach Branding Club (Online Modules)


  • Finalized Elevator Pitch & Personal Brand Summary
  • Keyword Bio (for LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).
  • Customized 50-page DISC Behaviors & Motivators report
  • 360Reach Assessment Report
  • An Annual Communication Plan.
  • You may add resume rewriting/branding for an additional $400 investment.

Once your are registered for Phase One, Brent will contact you to schedule your first session and send you the materials and assignments to prepare for the first call. This phase typically takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Phase 2:

Define Your Brand Themes and Strategies

Due to the importance and priority of having a well presented online brand identity, Brent will work in collaboration with you in defining your brand so it is meaningful to your target market. Phase Two will focus on taking the brand attributes and strengths discovered in your 360Reach exercise, and meshing it with the unique behavioral style, communication style, and motivators revealed in the DISC Profile Assessment.

Each of these tools offer a valuable perspective to what makes you unique. What distinguishes you from your peers?  The answer to that question is what guides us in mapping out a strategic plan to communicate your value position.

Depending on your needs, it may lead us to develop a website, WordPress blog, or Professional Portfolio. There are any number of communication vehicles that may be appropriate for your brand, however for now it is important to have a clear, concise message defined for your brand.

Phase 3:

Design Your Brand  Elements

The focus of Phase Three is to define and create the items that will make up your brand elements. Here we will bring all of your hard work and introspection to life. During this phase your brand will become something you can see, touch, and feel. Depending on your goals and needs, your brand identity will begin to take shape through the design of documents, profiles, logos, etc.

I have all of my clients design a vCard which becomes a landing page for all their digital identity components. It is something that brings all of your brand elements together in one place. You will have a very powerfully concentrated brand presence, in addition to allowing you to more effectively self manage your brand.

You will have a one-stop-shop for all things YOU, which can provide you a strong competitive edge.

Phase 4:

Deliver Your Brand Value

The next and final Phase Four is delivering your brand value and sharing it with others.


It all begins when you take that first step to taking your career to the next level. Don’t waste another day.

Contact Me, so we can begin building your brand.







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